Kyle Kollhoff

Quality Assurance Manager

1500 Sylvan Drive, Plano TX, 75074


Plano, TX
2016 - Present

Quality Assurance Manager
(Sep 2021 - Present)

Responsible for overseeing the quality of the organization's products and the activity of the department and staff. Maintain continuous development, implementation, and maintenance to achieve a system of quality. Responsibilities include scheduling testing deadlines, understanding requirements, defining test matrices, following through until project completion, and communicating the results, issues, and progress with the engineering team. Overseeing that successful testing is completed for 20+ products on both hardware and software. Act as the interface between the engineering teams, technical operations, systems engineering, customer support, sales, and product teams. Defining the scheduled release to production on qualified firmware and to exceed expectations with the entire process

Quality Assurance Automation Analyst
(Apr 2021 - Sep 2021)

Responsible for analyzing company software, tools, test procedures, process workflow, and procedural documentation to recommend and create automation tools. Created tools for monitoring, reporting, gathering big data, video conversions, test automation, and to resolve repetitive tasks. Created multiple automation scripts in the QA lab for team members to use and created a tool to allow the QA team to create their own automation scripts without knowing how to code. Created a MERN stack application for the QA team to use that hosted all of the automation tools, documentation, and important links.

Quality Assurance Engineer
(May 2020 - Apr 2021)

Responsible for assessing the technical design and test procedures to ensure that the testing encompasses the entire test lifecycle for both the hardware and software. Recorded documentation on bugs, milestones, and issues on each software version and firmware release. Provided feedback to the developers and engineering team. Responsible for end to end testing of each software release. Responsible for tracking and creation of tickets for bugs, feature requests, and support cases. Became the lead technical contact/trainer for an IoT project and became the technical liaison between the manufacturer, the development team, and the contractor. Performed sanity tests, smoke tests, unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, functional tests, performance tests, end-to-end tests, acceptance tests, mobile tests, web tests, and system tests. Responsible for writing technical documentation on every aspect of a product's lifecycle and writing documentation for training. Ticketing platforms include Microsoft Azure and Redmine.

System Engineer & System Administrator
(Aug 2018 - Sep 2020)

Responsible for the monitoring of all of the company products, equipment, and systems to prevent problems from escalating. Identify and fix system errors and worked to improve systems as needed. Responsible for training regarding updates, systems, procedures, and troubleshooting. Travel to resolve HSIA issues, infrastructure issues (Docsis/ethernet/Wi-Fi/IP), contractor issues, installation/repair troubleshooting, integration issues, and complete installation work. Automated scripts to schedule reboots, firmware updates, tracking of information, and time based requests. Created automation scripts to perform daily tasks, scheduled tasks, and recurring tasks. Took on the role of Systems Administration along side Systems Engineering to resolve Active Directory, Exchange, desktop support, and IT support issues. Created a full-stack MERN application approved by the CTO for internal IT inventory management, asset tracking and internal ticketing for the company. Designed a process for the entire company during COVID19 to open any IT related ticket from home with real-time updates, auto integration of the ticket into IT ticketing bucket, and auto generated emails with attached ticket number. Designed multiple web based systems, automation, and tools to allow for team efficiency for use across multiple departments. Developed automation to significantly reduce hospitality/company business costs during the COVID19 outbreak. Created SSH and selenium based scripts to log into all production HSIA switches and log specific information to map out the switching infrastructure.

Field Applications Engineer
(Nov 2017 - Aug 2018)

Responsible for managing hundreds of installations for Marriott and other hospitality providers from beginning to end to ensure the company products and services were installed correctly. Managed multiple installations every week and worked an on-call schedule with the installation teams to resolve issues promptly. Worked with different vendors, contractors, and product managers to ensure installation deadlines were met and every aspect of the product was installed correctly. Used SSH/serial connections to resolve issues/log issues within the switching infrastructure and within the companies Linux based platform. Responsible for configuration and troubleshooting of layer 2 and layer 3 issues. Responsible for the configuration and troubleshooting of untagged/tagged Vlans, wireless APs/controllers, Nomadix, and firewall issues/NAT issues before engaging the Network Engineering team. Responsible for group and individual training for all new and current Field Application Engineers. Trained different engineering departments and the network operations center on HSIA, guest room entertainment equipment, and company specific tools. Created a CRUD application for the Field Application Engineers for easy tracking of all the current installations, past installations, vendors, services, dates, issues, and information regarding a specific property. Created a web automation tool to capture all of the required screenshots to close out the installation of a property to help significantly reduce time spent on closing for each team member. Created a web automation tool to grant access to the Field Application Engineering team and the Network Operation Center leads on specific tools to help minimize the amount of escalations.

Network Operations/Shift Lead
(Oct 2016 - Nov 2017)

Responsibilities included resolving escalations, complex issues, and training agents on company specific software, hardware, and documentation. Created documentation and trained agents on IPTV, Docsis, wireless, and RF installations. Responsible for answering all questions before providing approval to reach out to higher level support. Responsible for verifying all troubleshooting steps were performed before approving a dispatch. Managed advanced tasks direct from manager on company based systems and tools. Created an Internal Network Operations website to allow the team access to documentation, pictures, troubleshooting guides, contact information, and escalation paths.


Farmers Branch, TX
2011 - 2017

Network Technician/Trainer
(Aug 2015 - Feb 2017)

Responsibilities include provisioning network elements for voice, data, and video leased lines within Verizon’s central office mainframe. Resolving complex issues involving virtual connections, broadsoft server issues (VoIP), and session initiated protocol (SIP) problems between the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and the customer’s premise. Working with field technicians to install and replace Optical Network Terminals (ONT). Troubleshooting issues with field technicians from the Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH), which includes modifying or changing splitter ports, distribution ports, drop terminal ports, or manufacturer port for correct optical assignments. Investigating issues with the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) which include deleting, modifying, or rebuilding Optical Network Terminals (ONT), physical ports, cross connections, and escalating issues with Passive Optical Network (PON) cards to appropriate outage group. Enabling and disabling phone features within the Class 5 switch, or the CS2K switch. Building and modifying VoIP profile to match gateway router assignments for the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) to receive an IP address for dial tone. Activating and completing orders to advance provisioning status of services. Troubleshooting VoIP, internet, and video issues with field technicians and frontline agents to isolate issues within the gateway router, routing issues with DHCP, or physical cabling issues leading to splitter or coax jack/cable. Working with field technicians and frontline agents on LAN/WAN issues. Advise troubleshooting direction if network testing clear. Updating record information when changes have been made to individual consumer/business accounts to reflect updated changes. Network trainer responsible for training classes to promote agents into becoming network technicians. Responsible for teaching individual network elements, troubleshooting, fundamentals, software, and equipment. Training classes consisted of all responsibilities listed in the network responsibilities listed above. Administered cumulative testing for network technician certification.

Internal Help Desk
(Sep 2012 - August 2015)

Responsibilities include taking supervisor escalations and de-escalating the issues of non-satisfied customers. Resolving Tier 2 support issues with emails, static IP’s, and router inquiries. Key roles also include mentoring agents with information on technical systems and procedures for voice, video, and data home services. Monitoring the call center floor and answering questions. Responsible for educating multiple teams, along with coaching individual agents regarding systems and processes to resolve complex or basic problems.

Technical Support Representative
(Aug 2011 - Sep 2012)

Resolving issues with consumer/business internet, voice, and television services. Walking customers through basic troubleshooting procedures to isolate the issue to cabling, customer provided equipment, or issues with the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Responsible for replacing defective equipment and setting up a dispatch appointment based on individual situations. Rebooting equipment internally or walking customer through proper procedures to resolve issues. Changing basic router information, setting up LAN, or setting up third party email clients for customers. Troubleshooting no dial tone issues, cannot connect issues, and issues with broadcast video. Frontline defense for any technical support issues.


Rockwall, TX
2009 - 2011

Wireless Mobile Consultant
(Feb 2009 - Jul 2011)

Responsible for ordering merchandise for the department, and making sure customers leave with their phones properly activated. The key duties of being a wireless sales consultant are 100% customer satisfaction. Responsibility in ensuring that the department is always kept clean and that every contract and recommendation sheet is filled out correctly. Promoting new products and understanding these products is also the key to success with the department. Promoting the mobile employees to work as a team and sharing knowledge of mobile phones is also a key goal in order to teach other employees and keep the department up to date with the latest technology. Handled sales for multiple contracts for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.


Dallas, TX

Associates of Science - Eastfield College