Kyle Kollhoff

Quality Assurance Manager
Focused on maintaining a system of quality and reliability of testing. Detail oriented in the planning and execution of test plans, automation tools, and documentation. Focused on establishing a work environment where I can maximize my knowledge of leadership, automation, testing, and training. Using my skillset and my experience with testing, installations, networks, escalations, and troubleshooting to improve customer satisfaction.

|  What I do

Quality Assurance Managers are responsible for overseeing the quality of an organization's products and the activity of the department and staff. QA Managers work to maintain continuous development, implementation, and maintenance to achieve a system of quality.

My job consists of scheduling testing deadlines, understanding requirements, defining test matrices, following through until project completion, and communicating the results, issues, and progress with the engineering team. Defining the scheduled release to production on qualified firmware and to exceed expectations with the entire process. I work to keep the lab functional as continuous maintenance is required to support the vast amount of products. I oversee that successful testing is completed for 20+ products on both hardware and software and I am the interface between internal development and customer facing teams. I work to complete a full spectrum of testing for a product's life-cyle that can span from a unit test, to a regression test, all they way through to a system test. Creating and maintaining test plans for each product's life-cycle is an extremely important task to capture bugs before they make it into production software or hardware. Automation is also a key factor in achieving a system of quality. Writing automation for repetitive tasks prevents user errors and guarantees efficiency as it allows the team to work on additional tasks.
Expertise with web based and automation scripts using Selenium and Expect. Experience with API testing and API integration of thrid party tools for use internally. Developed multiple automated applications for cost savings and reduced the use of company resources.
Expertise in testing software and hardware via manual testing and automation testing. Knowledgable in testing and automating API interfaces. Long standing experience in a test environment with the use of different testing methologies. Experienced in mass production updates, creating test matrices, and writing detailed documentation.
Expertise in providing outstanding customer service both external and internal. Ability to resolve complex issues while ensuring the customer is satisfied and the engineering team is updated on status. Understanding that communication is key and using communication to ensure all parties are well informed.
Expertise in troubleshooting company proprietary hardware and software with the ability to use the tools provided to resolve an issue. Ability to logically work through an issue and research information to help towards a resolution.